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  • Drama: Missing You (English title) / I Miss You (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Bogosipda
  • Hangul: 보고싶다
  • Director: Lee Jae-Dong, Park Jae-Bum
  • Writer: Moon Hee-Jung
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 21
  • Release Date: November 7, 2012 - January 17, 2013
  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


15-year-old  Soo-Yeon (Kim So-Hyun) is a victim of bullying at school. They target her, because her father is a murderer. Soo-Yeon has an ally in Jung-Woo (Yeo Jin-Ku), who always protects her from the bullies. Soo-Yeon and Jung-Woo are in love, but due to an unexpected accident they become separated. Now as adults they meet again through destiny.

Jung-Woo (Park Yoo-Chun) is now a detective and his first love has always remained in the back of his mind. Soo-Yeon (Yoon Eun-Hye) is now a rookie fashion designer who tries to have a bright personality, but still carries emotional scars inside of her. Hyung-Joon (Yoo Seung-Ho) is Soo-Yeon's lover, who appears warm and nice, but he will try to take vengeance upon Jung-Woo.


  1. "I Miss You" takes over the MBC Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Arang and the Magistrate" and will be followed by "7th Grade Civil Servant" January, 2013.
  2. Actress Kim Sae-Ron voices the character of "Bo-Ra" in episode 11. Her character provides clues on why her mother, the police station cleaner (Kim Mi-Kyung), kidnapped and killed Kang Seung-Deuk (Park Seon-Woo).


I Miss You - Korean Drama-Park Yoo-Chun.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Yoon Eun-Hye.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Yoo Seung-Ho.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Jang Mi In Nae.jpg
Park Yoo-Chun Yoon Eun-Hye Yoo Seung-Ho Jang Mi In Nae
Han Jung-Woo Lee Soo-Yeon / Joy Kang Hyung-Joon / Harry Kim Eun-Joo
I Miss You - Korean Drama-Yeo Jin-Goo.jpg Kim So-Hyun I Miss You - Korean Drama-Ahn Do-Kyu.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Yu Yeon-Mi.jpg
Yeo Jin-Goo Kim So-Hyun Ahn Do-Kyu Yoo Yeon-Mi
Han Jung-Woo (young) Lee Soo-Yeon (young) Kang Hyung-Joon (young) Kim Eun-Joo (young)
I Miss You - Korean Drama-Han Jin-Hee.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Song Ok-Suk.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Do Ji-Won.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Cha Hwa-Yeon.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Jeon Kwang-Leol.jpg
Han Jin-Hee Song Ok-Suk Do Ji-Won Cha Hwa-Yeon Jeon Kwang-Leol
Han Tae-Joon Kim Myung-Hee Hwang Mi-Ran Kang Hyun-Joo Kim Sung-Ho
I Miss You - Korean Drama-Kim Sun-Kyung.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Oh Jung-Se.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Song Jae-Ho.jpg I Miss You - Korean Drama-Lee Se-Young.jpg
Kim Sun-Kyung Oh Jung-Se Song Jae-Ho Lee Se-Young
Jung Hye-Mi Joo Jung-Myung Choi Chang-Sik Han Ah-Reum

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-11-07 1 NR NR NR 9.0% (19th)
2012-11-08 2 NR NR NR NR
2012-11-14 3 NR 10.0% (17th) NR NR
2012-11-15 4 NR 9.9% (19th) NR NR
2012-11-21 5 10.3% (13th) 12.1% (10th) 10.2% (12th) 11.2% (8th)
2012-11-22 6 11.9% (13th) 14.0% (5th) 11.0% (13th) 12.7% (9th)
2012-11-28 7 12.5% (10th) 15.0% (4th) 10.6% (12th) 11.9% (9th)
2012-11-29 8 12.1% (15th) 14.2% (7th) 10.1% (13th) 11.8% (8th)
2012-12-05 9 10.7% (17th) 12.5% (9th) 11.0% (10th) 12.5% (7th)
2012-12-06 10 12.9% (14th) 15.3% (5th) 11.5% (10th) 12.7% (8th)
2012-12-12 11 14.2% (7th) 17.4% (3rd) 11.7% (9th) 13.3% (6th)
2012-12-13 12 13.9% (9th) 17.9% (3rd) 11.6% (11th) 13.8% (6th)
2012-12-20 13 11.9% (9th) 15.1% (3rd) 9.7% (13th) 10.8% (10th)
2012-12-26 14 12.2% (12th) 15.2% (4th) 10.5% (13th) 11.8% (9th)
2012-12-27 15 10.9% (15th) 13.8% (7th) 11.2% (12th) 12.8% (7th)
2013-01-02 16 11.1% (4th) 12.9% (11th) 10.9% (12th) 12.4% (5th)
2013-01-03 17 12.2% (15th) 15.0% (7th) 10.4% (17th) 12.2% (12th)
2013-01-09 18 11.8% (12th) 14.0% (5th) 10.2% (13th) 11.8% (10th)
2013-01-10 19 12.9% (14th) 15.4% (6th) 10.9% (15th) 12.8% (10th)
2013-01-16 20 12.3% (12th) 15.4% (4th) 10.6% (12th) 11.7% (7th)
2013-01-17 21 11.8% (14th) 14.4% (7th) 11.6% (12th) 13.2% (6th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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demi olotu I love jin goo and so hyun,they were great. I also fell in love with Harry,hes soooo good though he became bad,he was great.To the main characters woooow/ seo hyun , u did a great job for choosing yor first love cus i know after what u went through, you cant forget. I LOVE YOU YOON EUN HYE, ILL BE GLAD TO MEET YOU.

^_^ The child actor, Yeo Jin-Goo was great. i love each of his dramas. :))

dadz . . .the best drama ever!

ika-cakep Swaaaaaaaaaaaa .. Lee Soo Yeon make me addicted to K-Drama .. ^_^ really worth watching over and over again. Tears are falling .. The song totally killing me. I am not Korean but I enjoy hearing and singing it. I Miss You is my top list of KDrama .. Good job ♡ ♡ ♡

Lola Great beginning an plot until the middle. Everything just clumped up together,and everything got confusing and went away from te plot. i would rate this 3.5/5. This is a very cute story, but everything is messed up. The cast did a great job though!

rookie the character of yoochun is poorly written, with all those flirty lines just to get soo yeon remember all of their past.

randomgirl The drama started ourgreat but after getting through episode 7, i got tired of the repeating concept of forgeting so yeon.... And the drama is too much, it makes it boring seeing each of them cry and cry each episode.. And the romance was soo cheesy especially the two main characters.. This drama is good but definitely not thr best.. Not highly recommended but still worth to watch if you prefer too much unrealisic drama.. Anyway he actors where great, it's just the story that's a bit annoying

Folad Just finish watching the whole series and it was AMAZING...

ace I will start with the disclaimer that I only watched 7 episodes. The first 6 episodes and the finale episode. The reason for jumping ahead was I just did not like this drama. I did really not like a single character. No matter why they were the way they were, I just didn't like them. At all. Especially Soo-Yeon and Jung-Woo. They deserve each other. I liked the villain the best. At least he was supposed to be the antagonist and he actually was able to illicit sympathy and understanding that I could never muster for the other two.

When I watch a show, if the plot is not highly original, the cinematography not stunning or something else noteworthy,  then I have to at least like some character or I end up wishing they'd all die in the end just for wasting my time (which was what I was hoping by episode 6, so I jumped ahead)

I found a lot of the cinematography to be distracting as well.

Apparently lots of folks swoon over this drama. I'm really glad. Glad the effort to make this was not wasted. But sadly, I wasn't one of those swooning over this so I'd be hard pressed to recommend it.

Sandeura This was my first Kdrama. I love it!! Such an awesome (but sad) plot.

Eugene Love this drama! I feel sorry for Harry. Yoo Seung Ho was amazing playing a villain. I was like wtf why he didn't won any award for this role. He gave such wonderful performance. Anyway, waiting for his coming back!

eleni The BEST DRAMA ever!! it touching my heart, i cried so many times.On trailer of episode 14, on 00:25 shows the Harry, but in episode 14 does not exist this scene.

Chan Ar Rhyu Great drama. I feel sad for Harry, in my opinion it was not his fault to became a villian. He was just a lost soul searching for a place in the world but the world was never a place for him. If love wasn't cruel for him I believe he might do great things.

SoJenYoung Nice it touching my heart :"))

carla entera This is the best korean drama........................ i really love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Aya First Kdrama i've watched , amazing just plain amazing , the love triangle is so unique, the story stunning , it's flawless and it's just beatiful

definitly a Kdrama fan now <3

____________ absolutely amazing drama. i cried, laughed the whole time. i would totally watch it over and over again. soo so amazing and TOTALLY worth it. differently my all time favorite one.

dramaaddict^^ Great drama, loved every single bit of it (except when Soo-Yeon got raped of course ><) !! This drama made me say "aww" in some parts, cry in some parts and laugh out loud. The acting were superb! Everyone well done! Loved it! This is far by the best drama I watched so far.

Hwaiting everyone! ~

bsk best korean melodrama ever :)

ashes People complain about why jung woo left soo yeon that night, it's because he looked for help but after his father came, his father didn't help soo yeon. So you can't blame jung woo just like that, i think the writer just wanted to gives an excuse why soo yeon hates jung woo. And why soo yeon choose jung woo, i think it's because harry has lie to her about everything. Even frame soo yeon with murders that he did, how people still blame soo yeon for choose jung woo?

Ash Great drama (y)

Api I really like this drama but......i think it would be better if soo yeon hasn't been raped..... And kim ahjusshi weren't dead:-) sorry for my grammatical mistakes.s.:-|

Rijouku So sad... T^T I really love this kdrama TT^TT

Maina Edward Nobody & nothing can beat this drama... It's a flawless drama, such beautiful portrayal of characters, simply super story & fabulous acting by Yeo Jin-Goo, Kim So-Hyun, Yoo Seung-Ho, Yoon Eun-Hye & of course my beloved Park Yoochun. Loved every episode... Must watch!! I love you Micky ♥

newuser I have to say, I am extremely disappointed with how the drama transitioned into the adult life of the characters. The story starts off quite well, with minimal questionable plot direction, that was remedied by the superior acting of the younger actors/actresses. It is followed by a chain of poor talent from the main adult actors/actresses in a horrible plot misdirection. Viewers are left confused as fourteen years later, there is no trace of the characters suffering 14 years of anger, hatred, guilt, shame, abandonment and betrayal.

Could have been way better. I am truly disappointed.

멜리사 (melissa) This drama was very nice and touching .. for you who said that crying is often true! but it is precisely the purpose of the movie! as it is dramatic! is really gorgeous ... congratulations to the producers and actors..


yoomin like park yoochun's acting skills. he's handsome and he's very talented. awesomness! can't wait for his new drama's and movies!!!! Yoochun, saranghe... FIGHTING!!!

zojan I really love this drama, Its all about truth, justice, family, hope and true love.

zojan To IRENE, I guess you didn't watched the whole story because you are not aware what harry did, he killed the detective who helped soo yeon and her mother, and he lied to soo yeon, he didn't tell soo yeon that her family is still looking and hoping that she is still alive especially jung woo, jung woo abandoned his family and became a detective just to continue finding for soo yeo, and also in what happened 15 years before jung woo returned but soo yeon is already gone, he just went out to ask for help, why soo yeon end up with jung woo? because of true love and pure love,

zojan To IRENE, I guess you didn't watched the whole story because you are not aware what harry did, he killed the detective who helped soo yeon and her mother, and he lied to soo yeon, he didn't tell soo yeon that her family is still looking ad hoping

Irene Its is soo weird when soo yeon not in love with Harry after all what he did sacrified for her for many years.... In fact, she still wanna be with Jung Woo.. Horrible ending.. Frustuating.... Can I just say it Soo Yeon is CRUEL too... OMG!!!

Irene I really agree with below comment.. I tot m the only one hate it.. Thank u soo much.. It such a relief.. Vic Jan 11 2014 10:29 am SPOILER ALERT*** I watched this drama because I'm a huge Yoon Eun Hye fan, but I absolutely hated this drama. Words cannot describe how much I despise the adult Han Jung-Woo! And as much as the writers made Harry into the bad guy, I still really liked him, and would MUCH prefer to see him with Soo Yeon. Jung Woo did not deserve to get her. He was a coward and a punk. There was no excuse to leaving her and running away like he did. Seeing Soo Yeon forgive him to easily while rejecting Harry who saved her made absolutely NO sense whatsoever. Plus, WHATS UP WITH ALL THE CRYING?!? Everyone was crying over the stupidest things, it was annoying. I really don't know how I got through this drama, but I did. To recap... there are two characters I simply couldn't stand: Jung woo, and Soo Yeon's mom. Soo Yeon needed to be with Harry, not Jung Woo!

ailyn jheann umali HELLO TOO!!!! GOODNIGHT.....i Missing You good :) south korean drama story yeah 2013

saba I m huge fan of k drama , and i think this drama one of the best dramas i ve ever seen and i love they way actors and actresses acting ( BEST DRAMA) FIGHTING

SongMijun I was really into this until their adult versions took over in episode 5 (I think). I'm happy this was not my first KDrama. For anyone who's looking to get into K-Dramas, there are much better ones out there. This was not very good at all.

Dedek Es Ef Firstly, I really feel annoyed with the character of Hang Jung-woo (young) when he left Soo-yeon (young) alone there. Why?! But I really understand it. It doesnt mean like Jung-woo (young) such as a weird boy or an unresponsibility person. You can check for more this story details in some synopsis at the some websites. I really recommended to you all for watch this drama. This stort is not only majored about romance. It's really complicated!! But poor to see and understand the character of Hyun-joon in here. For all... DAEBAK!!!

Jflo Harry is such a crybaby!! Aish


      • SPOILER ALERT***

I watched this drama because I'm a huge Yoon Eun Hye fan, but I absolutely hated this drama. Words cannot describe how much I despise the adult Han Jung-Woo! And as much as the writers made Harry into the bad guy, I still really liked him, and would MUCH prefer to see him with Soo Yeon.

Jung Woo did not deserve to get her. He was a coward and a punk. There was no excuse to leaving her and running away like he did. Seeing Soo Yeon forgive him to easily while rejecting Harry who saved her made absolutely NO sense whatsoever. Plus, WHATS UP WITH ALL THE CRYING?!? Everyone was crying over the stupidest things, it was annoying. I really don't know how I got through this drama, but I did.

To recap... there are two characters I simply couldn't stand: Jung woo, and Soo Yeon's mom. Soo Yeon needed to be with Harry, not Jung Woo!

zennon Think about it Jung-Woo has been in pain for 14 years because of the incident. It wasn't his fault so stop blaming fck.

zennon people who thinks he ran away well you're wrong.. He ran away to call the police.

sulthanah I want Harry and Zoey together. I gave up this drama because the scriptwriter caused harry's life so miserable.

I love harry so much aka yoo seung ho. Daebak.

Triana Speechless... heartbeatful... specially to the both main casting as Han Jung Woo and Lee Seo Yong (young and adult)... Bravo! I hope to see another story who played by Yoon Eun Hye... >_<

Killrazor56 Tomorrow's the last episode of I Miss You!!ohh i didnt wanted to end heh!!By the way amazing drama!

HallyuSeb A truly amazing drama from beginning to end!! DO NOT miss it!!

Chunhye To all the critics who bad mouthed... Why dont you make your own drama???!!!!!! Produce it too sa it will go the way you want it to go.

Narplyn i love this drama

Love Summer What a miss for MOst popular and Most outstanding HAllyu drama actor award at 2013 Seoul International drama awards!

someone What was that !!!!!!!! I really couldn't understand why she forgave jung woo after what he did !!! I mean SERIOUSLY what the HELL .. And I really hated how they made harry the bad guy !! he saved her life and made her rich , he supported and protected her for 14 years. Common !! I mean when it comes to raping its unforgiveable , he just walked away . That story made noo sence at all , whatever they did to make jung woo a good guy it didn't work for me .. Its really sad what they did to harry :( :(

Amessya this is really sad drama that i have see ... :( ... just see that man who leave lee soo yeon ! im cry about that..... korea drama is the best ... but im melting with Kang Hyung Joon because he is a handsome boy and a romantic boy ...Han jung Woo ALSO A NICE guy AND a rocmantic boy .. huhuhu this is a best drama that i have see ...

Soo Yeon Why Han Jung Woo leave Soo Yeon ... I angry about it !!!

DerpyBird I Kinda wish Yoo Seung Ho would be the main character because he is good looking :P

Riordan How do you balance a romance drama, when there is just it a thed that is it. The only mistake the writer did and the director didn't know is the way the detective died. Even in the old days, nobody can start a car without shifting the gear first and you cant shift the gear without stepping down the brake. So how can you hold the brake if there's a can of soda under it? Another thing, the laser of the sniper, how can it be moving a lot when the target is sitting stil. Other than these, the acting of the Actor who played Harry was more than good.

zatizack I hate this drama. Too dragging,too dramatic, not balance well especially in adult version. 1 star from me, that's just because the child's acting. They're good!

vickytusing does anyone know The song used in I miss you episode 16 where they had a food kiss. :(( Please reply.

Nevia Does anybody know who playc Craig (episode 11 40 minutes and erv seconds?) I MUST TO KNOW... PLEASE HELP

Celia Does anyone know what music was Harry listening to when he was mad?

i miss you love kim so hyun so much...she is very talent in acting n beautiful young girl...all my mind just got the romantic scene when Han Jung Woo sit at the stair n touching Lee Soo Yeon's feet...swaaaaaaaaaaa...

marylin bueno the character of Seung Ho Yu is arresting. Such a brilliant and handsome child became a serial killer. Well that is in the book, do not show violence to a young child. The sense experience will undo him for the rest of his life. Still he could have overcome it if his feelings was reciprocated. I am still for my jade emperor. I am a fan of him in the arang and the magistrate, the king and I and the story of the 4 winds. Keep it up Seung Ho Yu.

nafis Oh my God!!!it was an amaizing drama!!<3 i likethe end but tge last episode!!?....that was really inspiring!i cried a lot because of Henry!!!i was crazy about park yoochun !!but i really felt sorry for Henry!!he made some mistakes but it wasn't his fault to born like that & had a terrible life like that!!if i were him,i might have done sth worse!!:((none of us has exprienced sth like that!!but i think the ending was predictable!!wasn't it??? :O anyway!!!i liked the 9 first episodes the most!!

Red Angels Beautiful ending! How sweet is the finale of Missing You. I love the persevering love of Julius for Joy Lee and the obstacles they have to encounter along the way. Such heart warming story. I'm gonna watch the series all over again in pinoytv.

Cyrus Jake Carandang wow..!! What a great story.. I really really love it. As in..!! Especially the characters . Hahaha..!! Since it was aired here in the Philippines, i always watch it every night @10:15-11:00 . Although it gives me eyebags on watching but im still watching it because im so interested of Julius han and joy lee's romance and also on harry's revenge on julius'S father .. at the end, i felt cry and so sad because it end now .. Owh... what a beautiful story .. I hope there's a season two .. So far. I will never forget this beautiful story until i get old . Heh..Heh..Heh..

mark it sucks in ending! so disappointing.

ramona the reasons why I BITTERLY REGRET watching this drama!

1-everything is so bad in this drama,it does NOT have balance!!each episode THEY all cry so much that is really sickening!! In some Korean dramas,they make the actors SO PATHETIC AND MISERABLE! 2-I didn't like the ending of it,Harry really is in LOVE with Joy,he has protected her for many years,he has been wronged and treated unfairly!! 3-It is true that he has killed s.o in the drama,but they made him a PSYCHO in the end! 4-ABOVE ALL,Han Tae-Joon is wayyyyyyyyyy cruel and mean,it is 2 excess!!!! he is s.o who has put all in trouble but will be just imprisoned and MORE SURPRISINGLY has the least scenes and dialogues!!! someone who is the reason for all the trouble is hidden in the drama!! SO SUCKING!!!!

Eun Jung The drama I Miss You has qualities of good versus evil in it. There are several aspects woven into the story which brings beauty to this drama. Some of these are: the depiction of pure, unselfish friendship and love (the way Han Jung-woo loved Lee Soo-yeon); happiness that can exist in life when you value relationships with others more than money (You learn this by watching the opposite happen with Han Jung-woo’s father, Han Tae-joon.); and inner peace that can develop as you forgive (You see this as Lee Soo-yeon works through the hardships she has had to face in life. You also see how not forgiving negatively affected Kang Hyung-joon’s life.) This drama shows how it is preferable to go through legal means to punish those who have committed crimes rather than taking the law into your own hands. This instills the value of obeying the laws of the land. Some of the material in this drama is truly heartbreaking. And it will be difficult for viewers with tender hearts to see. However, the reality is that evil things do occur in our world. This drama beautifully demonstrates positive ways to cope with life when facing difficulties. It also teaches lessons of what might not be the best way to deal with difficulties. Characters in this drama had richness and depth to them. Some characters were primarily good, yet still were human and made mistakes. Some were stuck on goals which could not bring happiness. Some were subjected to great suffering and were able to improve their quality of life. And some who were subjected to suffering never could reach a happy life. This is not a light drama. So those who prefer bright, cheerful dramas might want to avoid this one. I like seeing a variety of dramas and so I did like this drama. I think this is an extremely well-written, well-directed drama with an excellent cast who did a superb job.

Moonyeen The story is not very common and i fell inlove with characters , the actors and the story itself. I end up staying so late at night and keeps on replaying every episodes. Hope to see another drama of this tandem...so hooked with this drama.

Cherryl Dellote Juranes The film director is awesome. I admire him of his talent plus the actresses and actors are really good at their talent. Everybody is awesome. Excellent job for the author of the story. The story went smoothly and each scene is really unpredictable. Also, my applause to the scriptwriter who leaves a lot of firing lines that makes my eyes open wide, makes me excited in each episode, makes me scream and jump up from my chair. VERY WELL DONE. I LOVE THE MOVIE SO MUCH! God bless. (I will always support Yoo Seung Ho...I'll be waiting for his come back ^^)

Eun Jung I Miss You is an extremely well-done drama with some of Korea’s finest actors. I have seen Jun Kwang Ryul before in Bread, Love and Dreams. I think he is a wonderful actor and I was glad to see him again in this drama. I saw Yoo Seung-Ho in Operation Proposal and already liked him before seeing him in this drama. I think he did an absolutely AMAZING job in his negative role for this drama. He is an extremely talented actor. Yoon Eun-Hye is fantastic. I have seen her in Coffee Prince, My Fair Lady, and Lie To Me. She is one of the best female actors I have seen from Korea. In I Miss You, Park Yoo-Chun was phenomenal! I recently saw him in Rooftop Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal and loved him in those dramas, as well. With Park Yoo-Chun, this is the first time I have completely loved both the actor AND all his dramas. Sometimes I will like the actor, but not necessarily all the dramas he’s in. Park Yoo-Chun is an extraordinary actor. Because I Miss You had such an interesting story, I watched it all very quickly. There is some subject matter in the drama which is very heartbreaking. There is so much good in the drama, too, though. A few things which especially impressed me about this drama are: The child actors who played the roles of Han Jung-woo and Lee Soo-yeon; The caring way Jun Kwang Ryul’s character, Kim Sung-Ho, treated those around him, especially how he treated Yoon Eun-hye’s character, Lee Soo-yeon; The convincing way Kang Hyun-joon’s mother, Cha Hwa-yeon, played her role; and how impressively and so perfectly Yoo Seung-Ho played his role. He should get awards for it! My favorite of all was Park Yoo-Chun. I loved the caring way his character, Han Jung-woo treated both Lee Soo-yeon and her mother. I loved how devoted and loyal he was to Lee Soo-yeon through the many years…believing he would find her and patiently waiting for her to forgive him and love him again. This is a wonderful drama.

alodra best korean drama ever!!..luv yoon eun hye!

norhayani yani the movies is the best.i want to see again this movies

OzFan4KDrama I have just started watching this movie. I'll be starting ep3. The reason I am watching this is because of Yoochun Park who I started to admire when I saw him in "Rooftop Prrince" and "Sungkyunkwan Scandal". His acting is good and he can be both funny and serious. The first time he made an appearance in episode 2 of "I Miss You" (when he was sitting on the steps), my heart skipped a beat. I have watched Yoon Eun-Hye on "Princess Hours", "Lie To Me" and "My Fair Lady". She is also a good actress. I haven't seen any of Yoo Seung-Ho's movies. It's interesting to watch him for the first time seeing that most of the comments here are positive towards him. The young actors are very good too. Interestingly, they look very similar to their adult selves. I have just finished ep2 but my interest is already on high drive. Can't wait.

Dhee Yoo Seung Ho's acting is brilliant in this drama. He indeed deserves an award too. This is the 1st time I'm rooting for a villain. I just can feel his misery. Indeed very awesome acting. It's no wonder though, Yoo Seung Ho always did good job in his every drama and movie. Even his very 1st debut movie move my heart. Try watching Jibeuro (The Way Home) guys, u'll get to know who Yoo Seung Ho is. :) I hope he'll get a good script after he finished his military duty, a male lead of course.

trishiamaerosas this is the bhest ever movie i ever watch i like there zoe and harry jongwoo

i'am your biggest 

LE SEON is so cute and han jongwoo so handsome and han tae jun is the handsome to I LOVE MISSING YOU i wish its never and

justine antipolo I like zoe han jongwoo and harry i wish this movie will be never and I realy like it i realy want to see them in personal OMG.......................

Marionne Abiad This drama is awesome. Koreans really know the hit genres of dramas. Never fail to make me smile every episode. Hoping for Eun Hye's drama series again. She's far different from Princess Hours. I hope she will have an drama series with Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy . ;) And also, With Eugene Kim. And I hope She go here in my country, Philippines. You have so many fans here. Dont forget to bring Yoo Chun along, huh.

Radwa Jung Woo's relationship with su yeon's mom is the best wonderful an amazing thing I've ever watch in korean dramas!! everything about this drama was so perfect...I'm glad they didn't add another threesome love relationship through In-jaeo , also In-jaoe's acceptance for So yeon was totally adorable!! I can't get enough of repeating the wnderful scenes and acting of those brilliant actors...! It's definitely Eun Hye's best drama and best acting ever!! and It's also one of the top 3 dramas I've ever watch!

louise anne recently I ditched cable tv because I was so sick and tired of what was available. i thought it would be aweful. in lieu of cable tv, i purchased a streaming device and hooked up with hulu. I'M LIBERATED!!! free to choose what i watch!!

thanks to hulu, my world has opened to KOREAN CINEMA! i'm addicted.

my first series was "49 days". "i miss you" is my 2nd. BOTH were so compelling. i wish the subtitles would stay on a bit longer... but, who knows, i may actually learn the language which would be less distracting!

anyway, i pulled a marathon weekend to watch all 21 episodes because IT WAS THAT GOOD, endearing, charming, entertaining, gripping, current.

i'm 52, in the middle of America, and i'm looking forward to MORE!!!

Jeng It was so great korean drama and park yoochun was so fit in his character but for me, zoe and harry have a chemistry compare to jung woo because for me, han ji min and park yoochun is forever loveteam hehe :))


fatira i love Yeo Jin-Goo soo much since drama The Moon that embraces the sun..He's so handsome.but,, he's younger than me..huhu...(T_T) p/s: i hate mikey and seung ho...but jin-goo is mine :P

abigail in my top list!

Yumi i hate his father.....but feel pity of him :( ..i cried so much because of this drama ...

JuanCarloTayag I just finished watching it last night and I want a part 2

Rosemary S. Bacacao The Best Korean Drama I've seen here in the Philippines, two thumbs up! I love all the cast specially Yoon Eun-Hye and Park Yoon-Chun I love it and it makes me cry.

Rosemary S. Bacacao I really love this korean drama, it makes me cry. I love Yoon Eun-Hye and Park Yoo-chun; all the cast actually. The best korean drama I've seen here in the Philippines! <3 <3 <3

Selena Lee Pei Si Let's say I haven't finish the entire drama yet, but I already know the story will branch off to what outcome. Initally I watched because it has micky and eun hye both are popular singer/actor. Epi 1 kinda blur and I don't really get what they are talking about the money and why the father of Jung woo abducted the mother of Seung ho and trying to catch him. Story went into a twist when the nurse ordered kidnappers to kidnap Jung Woo and soo yeon got caught together when she tried to rescue him and the kidnapper decided to kidnap her along since she saw his face. She not only received physical abuse by the kidnappers but 1 of them also raped her. Jung woo escaped on his own, but he not only have to run for his life and also for getting help to rescue soo yeon. Next soo yeon also escaped but ran down by seung ho and the nurse. seung ho said "if she doesn't go, I won't go". ok, touching but jung woo and soo yeon saved him from the fire too. he shouted that jung woo had left her behind and that he had deliberately hanged up the phone to avoid her.(Is that really true?)

Who had cause the kidnap in the first place?

The kidnap happened because the mother told the nurse to capture the son of Hang ji hee.

Soo yeon was so innocent to get involved because of their agenda.

She had to leave her home her mum her foster sister and everything she ever had because of it.

So if you are one of those people who cheers for seung ho think twice.

From the beginning micky and eun hye's characters are friends who had feelings that would develop further. If it wasn't for seung ho and his company.

Claiming he was protecting her was just his excuse for keeping her by his side. Her mother miss her jungwu missed her even the sister too.

The foster father eventually died in search of her too. Well if it wasn't for seung ho who put an empty can on the brake/accelerator he wouldn't have died.

Acting on his own selfish agenda, he hurt soo yeon when she reconciled with her mum and jung wu. After soo yeon chose to go home with jung ho, he even set her up for murder of those people making her a murder suspect as a punishment for not loving him?! Sure "he loved her", is that really love??? Will you do all those stuff to someone you really love???

True enough he's pitiful being hunt by jung ho's father mum gone crazy while confined by him. What was done to him was by the father not the son.

Why did he have to bring jung ho in?

Furthermore he was the one who saved him from the fire and brought him to the hospital.

eun hye's character love only micky's character. Was that wrong just because she can't reciprocal his love for her?

But this is a really great drama of suspense and romance. I really like it

Ana Brocal Love Yoo Seung Ho,wow! he was great .I was really expecting him to win for best or supporting award in i miss you. A very young man yet can act like real man and for me he was really amazing...Anyway i love all cast of i miss you micky yuchun, yoon eun-hye and other cast, but i wish Yoo Seung Ho will be the main character next time...Filipino love you guys i hope you can visit Philippines someday...

Ana Brocal I wish Yoo Seung Ho will have another lead character in any drama series. He is one of the best actor in korea. I was expecting him to win for best or supporting award. He did his best in i miss you...but anyway love them all, they are all great! Keep it up!Yoo Seung ho, Yoon Eun-Hye, Micky chun and other cast are really great!!!Filipino love you guys, wish you can visit Philippines someday.

Helen OMG .......is such a great DRAMA ....and the cast was perfect!!!!

Finn I have no idea if this drama is worth to watch, should i go through this drama?

ly Love this one,,,. Kang hyeung joon,,,, he can be nice, pitiful and crazy at the same time. ~Yoo seung ho...., you did awesome! ♡♡

wind i just following the drama, and read the synopsis quite a lot. harry just deserve to leaved by eunhye, he's temper was bad. i remembered the first scene that he has provoked young- seo yeon to forget jung woo and told that jung woo leave her and ignore her instead of jung woo tried to reach her on the phone and still remember and searching her for 14 years. it tears me up :(

SenDo just finished 'i miss you' and my heart is breaking for Harry. It's so unfair for Harry and Joy is so selfish! After she met JW, she's completely forgot Harry who heal and stay beside her for 14 years also save her life!

Well, i dont know that boy who play Harry before but after i watch this He's the one who stole my heart. That last scene in warehouse is too much! Joy not even looking at Harry who desperate and begged her just to look in him. i just want to gave Oscar for him through my TV. i cant believed Harry effect me so much.

After i stop crying and starting to annoy the lovely couple for 30 min then Harry pop-up still alone in that hospital, i start crying again just seeing him. Best acting EVER

Chike Very first movie that made me addictive to Korean Dramas, and the best one of all ofthe Korean Dramas. The storyline is just perfect, non-predictable. The events, and characters found their own actors and actresses. Specially, Jin Goo as young Jong Woo was the best actor. And Seong Ho is the one who made me cry a lot. It is a very inspiring movie. Thank you to all the teams, actors. I'd love to see another movie directed like this. Love you guys! :)

Yogi The Ajhuma Song Ok-Suk & Kim Mi-Kyung had a good talet for touching moment. good acting, good actres. I love both of them. thank you for them because in the middle of drama, I think is too much crying. Thats too cheesy for me. But when the Ajhuma part, I feel so toucing. Even in the middle and the last part when everyone in this caracter, in every episode, is crying. - Sorry for my english.

win pyae In this series,Yoo Seung Ho's acting is amazing.i really appreciate him.but I don't like the ending.It's rude & unfair for Harry.i feel heartbroke for Harry.I hate Han jung woo, especially lee soo yeon.i hate her too much.she shouldn't treat Harry like that.i like Yoon eun hye too much.but not in this series.I don't like they're together in the end.I like Harry too much, now I become a fan of Yoo Seung Ho.I don't like the lead actor.

Grace i do not approve that the drama killed off Director Kim :( i liked him very much. but it helped the storyline move along. :P i'm currently on episode 5. i hope it ends well .and does not drag on or get boring ^-^ i hold much expectation.

and to the person who said this is the worst drama you've ever seen ...you must have not seen very many dramas -.- don't even compare this to them. lol

Are She Yah This drama is very the best for me because this drama was the first drama that my tears was fallen..... I like this drama and love You Park Yoochun.. <3

Maria I've finished watching this drama 3 days ago but i can't get through with it..this is one of Yoon Eun Hye's best dramas..i've watched all her 6 dramas and 2 movies..aigoo!!!..what to do now???..maybe i'll start to watch them again!!!

RainLover This was a terrible drama! The worst Korean drama i've ever seen.

ocha it's exciting drama. sure! every youn eun hye's drama always get good rating. nice chemistry with yoochun cast. love you both. and it's amazing for new comer "harry" good acting.

mic interesting and BEST drama :D

sara i cried so many tears but ended in ep 5 and never did again!!!!the past scenes were excellant i didnt like the adults acting they were boring...onley one scene tookmy attention and that was when harry saw her mother in street and sat next to her..the best acting was kim soohyun ofcourse...eunhye made me disappointed 4 the first time...

salha so amazing drama. it make me cry... yochun oppa you are the best actor.

Fla Love yoo seung ho so muchhh.. cool act, charming face.. like his scene better than the actor and actress kead..

hnin lei Love this drama~!it's so sad for me,Yoo Chan and YoonEun Hye Hwaiting^^i love this couple,they are so cute,but i hate harry but i love yoon seung ho acting~!

veewie elf So great drama,i cry always.. But end in chapt 5.. Nomu kyeopta,everything Oppa!

Roseamanelle At first i admitted i want to watch this drama because my favorite actress Eun Hye and actor Micky Yoo Chun was the main character. Actor Yoo Seung Ho does not count in my interest. I cried a lot when i watch it, specially at the beginning eps. 1-5 it really moved my feelings. The kid actors done a great job. When they grow into adults, i began curios about Harry character and start feel so sad. This character has a complex personality , seems like a glass that is easy to break if you don't carefull. The last 3 eps really got me attract to Harry, he will be suffer for the rest of his life. Well, of course zoey and jungwoo will be together. Not because i don't like the characters but as i watch to final eps, Harry is more interesting character. Yoo Seung Ho has improved his acting briliantly. I think is hard to play a scene when you have to laugh and cry at the same time. I like the way he expressed that feelings. Thanks to the writer Moon Hee Jung for making the best ending for Harry in this drama. Actually , i expecting a more tragic ending like "Bad Guy". Success for "I Miss You" Gbu =^.^=

rebekah its the best Korean drama i have ever seen

leee so fantastic drama, everything about this drama just so perfect, from the beginning till ending, nice work, fighting team imy, sarang hae....

wapple895 DAEBAK! Thumbs up for the great plot, I almost crying watcing this drama. Park Yoo-Chun,Yoon Eun-Hye,Yoo Seung-Ho and others play a good role! LOVE THEM~ >,<

ddd Yoo Seung Ho last project drama before enlistment....great for taking break after a few busy year will many project drama and movie...

Daze THis is my first Kdrama... and my friends were right, Korean dramas are indeed really addictive, i get it now! I'm up to ep.3 but need to stop cuz it's too distracting! But god it is very. very good...

Mark Just wrapped up this drama... It was very entertaining sometimes your rooting for Harry and other times for Han joon keep up the good work Korea... Maybe the u.s will follow suit and drop all this reality tv crap one day...

pmizz what a beautiful drama..really touching and so sad..Cant miss it :')

Shea This drama is awesome!!! Bravo for all the actors!

mb it is a good drama but subject of drama and some scene were very similar for me and Yoon Eun Hye dosen't match Lee Soo Yeon act so I didn't feel love each other Han Jung Woo and Soo Yeon.

kenzie Her story is grossly unfair to Harry, 14 years together but joy bear left him for a man who used to have to leave it alone in order to save his own self. if that happened to me to death too I will never forgive a man a coward like that. and in the story of the harry jg if not encouraged to live the joy joy might die a reality. couples who live in the suffering of others is really inconsiderate.

mumox my first k drama.. Make me crying... Nice plot drama..

marisse Yoochun brought me here...Thanks so much for being the leading man otherwise im not gonna watch it. Waiting for the next project for Chunnie Oppa. Congrats on your award. You deserve it!!! Fighting! God bless and more blessings!!!! mwuah!!!

ridwan hmm the songs are totally killing me, like a sleeping drug..

shin i miss you , i miss you ! especially yoon eun hye and harry :((

zee i like everything about this drama, the story, the soundtrack, the cast, they all awesome, but still i like soo yeon n jung woo best, swaaaaa......

Elina I cry so many times when watch this drama...indeed i love the cast and the story..:')

missHaira Oohh.. i miss u.. yoo seung hoo a.k.a harry barrisson

Jenny While Park Yoo Chun is good, I am impressed with Yoo Seung Ho's acting. Though he is young at 19 years old, his acting is fantastic and he can express well in this character. I feel that the writer is too cruel to portray Harry with such destiny and evil minded so as to give reasons for Seon Yun to leave him. Yoo Seung Ho is cute and handsome. With his talent in acting, I believe that he will get best actor and popularity award, just need a good script. Watched him acting as childhood of kwong San woo in Sad Love Story. Found that he is good and cute at that time. Now he is handsome and charming when grown up, of course good at acting as well.

The child actor and actress are very good indeed. I like both.


asebou tetseo awesome drama.............hope there will be a sequel of this drama........

linda this is the first time i watch k-drama until it's last episode, i don't have another words except brilliant, the plot and the cast is superb....

CICI Where's Yoo Seung Ho's AWARD????? He's the one that made this drama exciting.

frieda baguisa Daebak!!!! one of the Best Korean Drama I've ever watched! All the cast are Great! that makes my heart break and can't help but Cry....No wonder Park YooChun won the excellent actor award (2012 MBC Award) and with Yoon Eun Hye my favorite actress ( very flexible actress )...as well as the young Han Jung Woo (Yeo Jin Goo) and Lee Seo Yeon (Kim So Hyun).....***** for this melodrama!!!

shin18 happily ever after .. but didn't like it much .. -- swaaaaaaaa .. :)

cakukorara what a great endingg!!!! happy ever after for Han Jung Wo and Lee Su Yeonn. >////////< I think in the end is the best for harry, for both HJW and LSY still love harry right??? gonnaa miss this drama so much, love all the actor and actress! now Han Jung Woo back to Park Yoochun again, Iam gonna miss you!!!...

prettycel whoaa.. this is the first time that i didnt watch a drama till the end. I love micky and yoon eun hye soooo much! I'm actually super duper excited about this drama because i love them both. but, seeing "harry" (dont know what his true name :P this is the first time i saw him haha) i actually feel sad. :( my heart suddenly felt it for him. this is the first time that.......... okay, i admit. even though my mind disagree but my heart dont wanna micky and eun hye will last. I feel pity for harry. haaaaaaaay..


lola 4 thumbs up for this drama !! Daebak!!! Why korean people didn't love this drama!! Love the crew and cast thank you for this drama I'll Be Miss YOU(imy) likeit loveit thanks! The actress and actor really daebak

Tori @Ohai...not sure but he also played in another Yoon Eun-Hye drama, "Lie to Me". He was one of the friends of the ex-girlfriend in Paris. (^ ^)

wendy thumbs up.....wheww...im watching this drama until the last episode... i'm a bit dissapointed coz i didnt see lee su yeon wearing her own wedding dress walking down the aisle...with her first love JUng woo..But i'm still happy at the end,,Jung woo survived! they made theyre promise!. At first i know this is a good drama series!!!.. Im fan of you,.LEe su yeon " Yoon Eun-Hye.. you are a great actress!!! ive been watching some of your movies and drama.. im still waiting for your next movies or drama series.. i hope you and Hyun Bin this time...hehehehe <3

Ohai Just wondering, does anyone of you know what's the name of Harry's french lawyer?

sali are they really going to the trip....wawwww then they would be together for couple days.....hope it really happen.....PYC grab YEH tightly...you can't get second chance for this....there's no way you can find another beautiful woman like her....aja..aja...fighting...:)

laura from the first eps i got this feeling that i can't explain....just like the title "i miss you", there is this feeling that always longing in my heart, i can't wait to see the next eps, can't stop crying or laugh when it's sad and happy...i do understand the entire plot....a lot of people say this drama have too many crying scene, maybe it is, but it's in the right place and moment..i was afraid this drama would have tragic ending...but i'm glad now to see the ending ...congrats to all the IMY team...you all success to bring this drama nicely

kimi i'm happy can watch this drama, the ending is great, HJW and LSY finally can live happily ever after and harry got his punishment, nice, he deserves it....ahahaha......i give 10million applause for the drama

anna waw...the ending is sooooooo.......goooood......very romantic, very excellent drama with great writer and director...especially the actor and the actress.....park yoo chun and yoon eun hye saranghae.. you two looks nice together, can u two be a real couple :D....although it's still early but i believe this would be the best drama of this year....i recommended this drama for all the k-drama fans......:)


renren I really like this k-drama........until it become really depressing when harry became more deserving to have a happy ending than d leading man......harry deserved to have a better happy ending ............ first 7 episode 10/10 then when zoe become to easy and to flirty toward d d leading man......i dont like it any more....6/10

kharin i watch this drama because of yoo seung ho, his acting is remarkable!! i wish he gets award from this and honestly it really breaks my heart to watch how he was ending in the drama. yoo seung ho hwaiting!!

sayakahikaru OMG this drama is so GOOD. The acting is amazing and all of the actors/actresses are so talented. I wished Yoo Seung-Ho got an award too he is such good actor. Im happy with how the drama turned out i just wished some of the details could be changed so it would all work out for the best but im happy with the ending (:

elizabeth Can someone tell me when the last episode will be coming out. All i see is episode 20 and i thought that was the last episode but everyone says there is a good ending and episode 20 ends up with jung woo going into a building and then its done. So please tell me that there is going to be another episode where there is a happy ending and that jung woo and the girl dont die.

maimai thanks for a happy ending for this drama it's really worth watching from start to finish!!! waiting for yoon eun hye next drama!!!

miss guys : YEH And yc give a 5 days trip to all cast and crew as a gift :D ! hope to see them dating :D

DINA i miss you cast and crew ----> thank you so much for working so hard to make this drama ! we LOVE u !

anna i agree with alex, people have no rights to killing others, even jung woo said that in this drama, if a murderer can be forgiven because he have unfortunates past then every criminal just need to make up sad story and world don't need jail anymore, harry is evil in this drama, he even want to kill soo yeon just because she doesn't love him back.... ahhhhh i really like this drama, hope it will be happy ending for jung woo and soo yeon ^^

taekzy i wait for ep20 please

Alex I think this would be the longest comment so far and the one that i ever made in my life cause i can't stop wondering why a lot of people praised harry's charachter in this drama although he is murderer, can a murderer can be forgiven just because he is handsome or have a miserable past, i understand the pain that he go through and is natural if the person want to revenge, but is it really can cure the pain, cause is just gonna end up the same in the future, the family from the person u kill will have the same hatred like you and like you they will revenge, then this circle is happen again then when it's gonna be stop, a lot of people have a miserable past and in this drama there's 3 of them but two turn out to have a kind heart and living well then why a lot of people more pity and praise the murderer? Every single person always have 2 choice in their life, 1. people like harry that use his miserable life to pity his self and blaming other people for everything that happen to their life or 2.people like soo yeon and jung woo who can forgive and forget the painful past and live go on for welcoming their future. But i guest it's still up to you guys, for what kind of life you choose.

ASHI so its gonna end today :(  !!!

louis Try to put yourself in harry's shoes. Being separated with your mom when you were little, being bitten by dogs and have to walk with a cane for the rest of your life, had to live with a diff identity and was always on the run to get away from hjw's evil father who's after his money...and maybe by then u can tell if revenge wont be your main goal...its easy to say, advise and blame people for what they did, but when you're at the same spot, you might do the same thing yourself! just saying.. ^^

trsb i just wish harry will just commit suicide than to see him in jail.. teamharryborrison.. i just hate lee soo yeun for treating my harry.. :D..

mmtlover I love yo seung ho so much much much##

saeede hi I love yoon eyun hye. I am waiting for her new series to publish soon.

AtTiL103 YAH! YSH,PYC & YEH are all good actor and actress! Stop bashing other person! Btw, i just stupidly love the relationship of soo yeon's omma and jung woo. They are so good at acting. I always shed tears when they are crying T.T maybe, seeing your mom and your first love being so close together after 14 years would feel good. Script writer ssi, JEBAL! Don't you dare make the story plot gone wild or else you'll really see a murderer's daughter turning into a murderer itself! Please make it happy ending just this once!! I'll be messed up when you koreans just keep on making sad endings of the series i want!

YSHwife Yoo seung ho is still the best. His acting always interesting. I love him, please dont blame him. I want Harry and Zoe together in the end... This drama made ​​in favor of the crime. hahaha...... Yoo seung Ho is so adorable...

dongson hi...just wanna share that i really really crazy for this drama especially harry....but why all should be blamed on harry ...he also the supreme victims n he just trying to solve sthg that done n it was not his fault. and why joy should back to joon woo....i love n so romantic the both or joy n harry n their life after the tragedic supposed make them more n more closer...if joon woo really love her he should love n like the relation of love between harry and joy... joy also should depends on harry b'coz he already done the best to the lovely lover . i cant accept when joy willing to leave n ignore harry just becaose she find n got her first love....hoping harry got the best n good at the end of this ....hoping he n joy marry n love each other....

IMYfans like this drama so much....yoon eun hye and park yoo chun very romantic in this movie hope they can be real couple :D....for the writer please dont make han jung woo and lee soo yeon separated they deserve for the happy end story :)

DramaFans geez...people...yoo seung hoo is indeed cute but in this drama he is criminal how can u people want him to have happy ending story with zoe....be realistic....you all should understand the plot....bad guy never got the girl u know.....so its better for jung woo and soo yeon be together coz they are the main core of the drama....and i like the relationship between soo yeon mom with jung woo or her daughter too...very touching...IMY team fighting....:) and make sure it happy end...

:DDDD omg it's the young prince from moon embracing sun! :D his acting is amazing, going to be such a great fine actor when he grows up

Mehrnazehrn Like this drama I love jung woo & zoe together in the end . . I wish harry died...hate him I think park yoocun is great actor..his great future his handsome & lovely smile:-)

DJC Does anyone think Micky kind of gained weight in this drama ?? since rooftop prince

Neda iam from Iran. I love this drama.....Icant wait for end of week to whatch it. the actores and actreeses are very good. personaly i love the relation between Park Yoo-Chun and Song Ok-Suk in this drama.they make me cry every time ..they create a fantastic relation....although they are not mother and son.

I like Park Yoo-Chun ...he is a very good actor with a great futuer. You did a great job Park Yoo-Chun Oppa! Merry christmas to all of I MISS YOU drama member ^---^

sayuki Im with zoé and harry I think that they are so cut together , I don't like jung woo because I think that he doesn't deserve zoé ...he's a looser ! + he's ugly xD , but harry is handsome ♥ saranghee huyng-joon oppa !!!. the drama is very sad but I find it realy interresting , but what I prefer in it is the story of soo-yeon ♥

...: sandy :.... this drama was very sad ... i cannot wait to watch the next episode ...

Kamilla Wow...really loved this drama...thought Nice guy was one of the heart breaking and seriours dramas recently..but gosh, korean film industry prepared bomb for the end of the year...i disliked Mickey's acting in prev dramas, but here he has done good job...as abt Yoo Seung Ho he's awesome, brilliant...even if the plot is so hard, but like it...watching 12th episode, still have other episodes to watch..praying for happy end...and in hesitation if Soo Eun will be with Chon Woo or Harry...sure, i'd like her to chose Harry, but...but...omg love it...Daebak!

Helen I want harry and Zoe together in the end!!!!!

Letisha I would like to give 5 star credit to the writer for writing the script with such flair for suspense (not the usual boring dumb script), the lead actors for good acting especially Yoo Chun, and the director for good directing. I particularly like the writer dropping clues here and there which keep the audience guessing. Please keep the pace and suspense, and please don't give us a cheap ending. The category is not important, it's just a label. What is important is the content.

Reenoow I agree with @jaleizah! It should be categorized as HEAVY drama =____= everyones crying on every episode. Good thing my tears are not shallow or i'll be crying my eyes out each episode >__< Still, i like the drama so far keke Yoochun <3

jaleizah I like the actors but not the drama. To be honest, with the way the drama is going so far at episode 14, I am very much disappointed with the writers. They have a very slow progress. The childhood episodes last for a long while then the next last for a couple more episode. I mean, they could exploit the plot more and make it rather interesting and less of dramatic. It's not a MELODRAMA, it's rather a HEAVY DRAMA. Everyone's crying, here and there. Rare would you see them smile or at least they make it sounds as if they do not deserve to be happy. Plus, the plot makes it looks like Harry is the lead not Jung Woo. Still watching the drama 'cause I'm curious if Harry's plan will push through.

DramaFans geez how can people want joy for harry when we have soo yeon for jung woo, this two more great as couple...btw harry is criminal in this movie....and i like that part coz we just have one good man and that's jung woo...and for the writer u have to make this drama happy ending for the couple coz i will curse u if u make it sad....really like this drama so much......u have to make sure it'll be happy ending ok.....;)

angel eunhye YOON EUN HYE i admire you so much ! YOO SEUNG HO' acting is awesome as harry's personality gets darker he shows his acting powers more and more to us !

cay i love Zoe and Harry so much.... Can they kiss at least once? hehehe... fighting Yoo Seung Ho <3 <3 <3

Lizbeth I think Jung Wo and Lee So Yoon should be a pair!!!!

joteezo I don't watch anymore American movies, I love and appreciate these South Korean Dramas, the Directors, Screenwriters and all actors and actresses are doing a fantastic job...Thank you so much.....I love my boy Micky and his music too, can't wait for the next episode.

Niezcholic distributed at episode 14??? I can not wait to watch the sequel,

mogh best kdrama of all time ! i really mean it guys

mogh zoe KISS harry :D ! He is dieing for that :)

Peejay This is such a great drama I wonder why Korean watchers do not appreciate it us much as we international watchers are. It is now rated as 3rd ranking drama, next to Faith and Innocent Man! Just look at all the comments, all 163 of them. I always look forward to the next episode. And the chemistry between Park Yoo-Chun and Yoon Eun-Hye! I jnust hope the Korean ratings will pick up soon! Fighting IMY!

Slee Loving this! The screenwriter Moon Hee Jung really has knack for scripting melodramas - Stairway to Heaven, Tree of Heaven are some of hers. The writer's stories can be slow for some, but I think they need to be appreciated for each scene, emotion, each line. Like drinking wine, for lack of a better description.  :-) Although these kind of dramas require really good actors who can bring out the essence of the storyline. So far the cast's doing great.

The one thing I really, really hope for is that writer doesn't make either one of the two leads die in the end, like some of her previous dramas...

KAPPPY I'm really addicted to this drama.. I'm watching every episode of it online :3 Lets continue to make this drama to be on top :) I also really love all the cast! All of them are perfect!! :DD Lots of love and support from Philippines :)

Moon Why didnt the 14th episode come right after the 13th episode last thursday likethey usually do?

astrid I've watched ep 14 preview and I'm creeps. I cant wait to see for the next episode..... I'm so exciting !!

astrid I'm so into this movie. seriously.... I love Yoon Eun Hye so muuuchh !!! I love the story, i love the way she acted. it's just perfect ! I want to watch it till the last episode. really !

angel eunhye just saw ep 14 preview !! cant believe harry BEAT zoe :O ! drama is getting cooler and cooler ! i want a kiss scenes between harry and zoe :D

mhee To every one on this drama.. Congrats::)))) YoonHye and YooChun oppa....♥♥♥♥♥....SOLID EVER!!!!

Victoria Harry and Zoe look cute together. Please. I want Harry with Zoe. Jung Woo, find someone else. Please ): I love you Seung Ho oppa ( Harry ) Jung Woo looked better when he was younger. :P

Moon Where is episode 14?

keratoula everyone is entitle in his own opinion but is hard for me to understand how people want to pair the main female actress with Harry ,a character that has a criminal mind and loves to manipulate people around him especially Zoe,and reminds her all the time that he was the one beside her all those years. He wants her to stay bc of guiltiness and obligation towards him.Is that love?True love means you give with out asking anything in return ,true love means you leave your partner to make his own choices and you are honest ,you not install cameras in any room .Harry's house could be easily the Big Brother's house.

Sash The children actor/actress are good. The girl is very pretty. The boy looks older than 15 and acts well. He was in another drama as well.... embrace the sun or something. First few episodes were engaging.

Somehow when the adults took over, the story came to a drag. Lots of flash backs and almost in every scene, someone is crying. Too drama. Initially there seemed to be hatred and unforgiveness on the part of the female lead but someone it dissipated.

I hope the story will develop a bit more meat with the main story line coming out a bit more as it is a bit fuzzy at the moment (is it about the romance or about the murder?). The flashbacks are getting stale so hope to see a bit more story line being developed.

Leeyun Zoe & Harry forever!!!!!! I hope harry and zoe will end up together.. I watch this drama because of Yoo Seung Ho.. Both zoe and harry have great chemistry!!! I really hope, they will end up together!!! 6 episodes to go!! I can't wait for the ending.. mix emotions---hope and fear.... Go harry and zoe....

Rae Kim I find it amazingly ironic how Lee Soo Yeon's english name is Joy. lulz but even in the first episode I cried. This is truly an amazing drama! I can't believe the young Jung Woo is only a couple months older than me! ouo

ivoner Waah, i think i got confused in 6 episode. Ah hwaiting ^^ love you jung woo (young) :p Ah, i think it must be song joong ki for playing jung woo (adult) I think the fecae between Yeo Jin-Goo and Song Joong Ki are similiar.

noimz I love the main couples, hope this drama got especial award they both natural when they act in character.. ''Sa rang hae YEH you're so beautiful,,I hope to see you in person in unexpected moment''

  oppa yu chun you''re so handsome!! 

...............two thumbs up!!.....

opiezsnoopy hope yoo chun and eun hye end up together. they played the roll very well. i'd like to see lee soo yeon and han jung woo end up happy ending :3. harry for me, he's a bad person -_- ♥ YEH, i always admire you, ^-^

missssss i hope happy ending in between yoo chun and eun hye. Both of them must be stayed together as they had been separated since teenager. and they miss and devote a strong feeling to each others.

Yoo seong ho only can be soul mates to eun hye. Yes, he is too gentle and nice to eun hye but he should not be telling eun hye that she has been abandon and keep something from eun hye. I consider him as dangerous man.

kati i hate zoe's mom!

teen i hope Zoe and Harry would end up together. The days spent by Soo Yeon and Jung Woo are indeed incomparable to Zoe and Harry. Forget your puppy love thing..

zelnrix Excellent performance by the main characters played by Yoon Eun Hye & Park Yoo Chun.. Best Actress and Best Actor performance... you both deserve to get awards :)

DINA i love yoon eun hye ! i really want to watch this drama but im getting sick becaz after which ep i cry as a sea !

minnie park i'm really not into heavy dramas..im watching this bcause i like the actors.but as soon as i continue n watching this,i've been hook..the sory.. i'm loving it..the actors are great,..sad drama that got me into tears a lot of times..just hoping it will have a happy ending..aktf! ^_^

shimze there is only 10 more eps !!! i miss i miss you so much !! what should i do after that ??????? i want YEH AND YC !

TeamHanJungWoo This better not be like Cinderella Sister (letter issue) and Soo Yeon won't find out that Jung Woo has been trying to find her for the last 14 years and NEVER abandoned her (he was trying to get help) etc. until like second to the last episode. That would just annoy me! Anyway, I am enjoying the show very much and I'm glad that Jung Woo's nosy detective friend is there because he adds comic relief to a heavy drama.

Hajar Latif I really can't wait for episode 11. Love you han jung woo =)

mhiz20 i love park yoo chun (han jung woo), the best.. :)).. i hope that jung woo and soo yeon will be together again.. love is sweeter the 2nd time around.. the best drama.. can't wy8 to see the end of the story.. i already watch the 10 episodes.. go.. go jung woo

yanshu This story is really interesting but I bet this will be the best if Zoe and Harry will be together. Such a great chemistry. I really do feel Harry's love towards Zoe. Though it is just a drama it still needs to have a ending that is realistic and pratical. Jung Woo is Soo yeon's PAST and Hyung Joon is Soo Yeon's PRESENT AND FUTURE.


Priscila I really understand that first love is forever. And I totally agree!

But when that love is far away and you change is no longer the same because all changed separately!

I really hope that Zoe, (because now she is no longer that little girl of 15, she is now the wife Zoe!) Forgive Han Jung Woo! he was tormented too! but also he is no longer your future! both are past! are memories of love pure and sincere, but just that, the past!

I feel real deep and true love that was built by Zoe (Lee Soo Yeon) and Harry (Kang Hyung Joon)

I cheer for them too! I've never seen so much love and chemistry between them, as ignore it?

Zoe and Harry, forever! <3

harryyyy forget the past! dont be mad!

joy soooper like ko nmn to..mas lalot si eun yoon hye ang bida..sana mapanuod ko n ibang episode nito..love ko tlga xa..si park yoochun gwapo.

ikoh micky yoo chun and seng hoo both of them very good and good acting. i like them. i think it's nice drama because of them and yoo eun hye also. thwo tumb for all team this drama.

jreyez THE FIRST 4 EPISODES ARE AWESOME. BUTTT when the adult characters come in the story line gets diluted and weird. Their older versions dont match the younger ones. Should have kept going as kids. The two adult actors are also overly dramatic... LAME!

mary rochelle I just started watching this drama and I'm now at episode 4. I can't wait for the young main character to be adults!!! I just watched this korean drama only because of Yoon Eun Hye!!! :D I love Yoon Eun Hye and for those people who say that she didn't fit for this character, well, I don't think so. She's not bad in playing this role. :D

Teresa Don't make Harry a bad person please. I watch this drama because of him.

Teresa Harry and Zoey in the end PLEASE. I love Harry!

shawn I started watching this because of Yoon Eun Hye, but the first four episodes are really sad. Not sure if I can continue if it's too sad, I don't mind breaking it up but being in every episode is a little much. Also not a big fan of shows that revolve around revenge.

Otherwise it's a good show and hope that Jung Woo, and Soo Yeon end up together. A story that starts off as a tragedy shouldn't end as one IMO.

hnrhnyn the plot reminds me of the old korean dramas before the boys over flower came out and changed the style of many korean dramas (dont mean it as a bad thing)

anna no wonder after this drama airing until now... so many people can infected HUV (Han jungwoo Yuchun Virus) ... including me.. kekeke...

n no wonder now IMU leading ( no. 1) on Wed_thursday dramas... daebak..

the stories & actors/actresses are great...

arman drama just get better and better but ratings are still low ! people plz watch its awwesome drama ! believe me !

santino awesome drama and cast...loving YEH more...and PYC...

kelli great drama so far. sad and heartwrenching suspensful. amazing acting. such talented cast shocked at ratings. deserves more. fighting!! fr austrlalia

May I have been watching Korean dramas all my life, since i was just 4 years old and not just korean but other nashionalities too! This drama is brilliant, I absolutely loved the first 4 episodes, I cried like a river but to me it go quite boring at episode 5, episode 5 is when they are adults. I think it is a great drama, absolutely fantastic.

Kdrama lovers check it out! Lemme warn you, there are some boring parts in this drama though but the first 4 episodes were just amazing!!!

miss Poor ZOE ! she has no one except harry !!! she is so poor !! :(

jacqkhal So far, I'm enjoying how intriguing the lives of the casts are! I've shred a lot of tears already. I can't even foresee how this drama will end! Moon Hee Jung and Lee Dae Dong, hwaiting!

omo @deui i dunno about others but when i watch a drama i just hope dat it will end with happy ending.after spending 16-20 hours/episodes through their ups and downs i just hope that i will be rewarded with something that will cheer me up.i know happy ending is not always exist in a real life but u can do and get so in a drama.yeah.you may be a practical person but for me since we call it drama we hv the right to hope for a happy ending.lol. But everyone has their personal taste and preference :) And for this drama i do hope for a happy ending but if the writer want tp do ot the other way round i dont mind it (eventhough the reason why i didnt watch nice guy was because it might hs a not so happy ending).lol.

Deui why is everyone seems expect or demand a happy ending? it will leave more impression on me if it ends with sad or tragic way. Just like Memories of Bali where I knew Ha Ji Won for the first time and I never forget about her since then. And just like Bad Guy too, a tragic past can change someone. You should realize it people, even if it comes to love. This drama begins with lots of sadness and suffering that it should end with happy ending to pay it off? No way. I see that Soo Yeon wasn't only a daughter of a murderer but she has became a murderer herself. Then Jong woo should arrest her one day for a crime she comitted (i see more of that picture). And Jong woo die for protecting her.. Oh that's terrific in my opinion. I'm sorry I disturb your daydream guys.. Cause I think I just wrote a nightmare hahaha

yuan This drama was so amazing.! it touch my heart. love it. Which i hope that Lee Soo-Yeon ang Kang Hyung-Joon will be together in this movie.. PERFECT PAIR... love them both :))

Elham aleha Awayuki Kim so hyun is so cuTeeEe

mayumi as I've read the comments this kdrama is awesome or more than that but why is that the rating are low :(( but still want to watch this one, I like YEH's acting.. she's just soooo amazing^_^

sandra First few episodes and i can't help but be moved by it. My heart was breaking while watching every scene.i can't stop my eyes from crying.I felt every emotion the actors were giving to every scene. I laugh, cry and angry at the same time. Thumbs up for this drama.. I highly recommend this one...

angel eunhye i miss i miss you ! wednesday plz come :D

ika Thumbs up for the teens actor/actress: - Yeo Jin-Ku - Han Jung-Woo (young) - Kim So-Hyun - Lee Soo-Yeon (young)

They started the drama very well and made it soooo interesting and touching for everyone to watch and want to watch more.

Amazing acting skills for their age as they made us all cry in the first few episodes. Well done kiddos =) Keep up the good work and will be looking forward to see you all on the next dramas =)

santino YEH is a good actress...anything about her just makes me smile...i heard the news that I Miss You will be shown here in the Philippines via ABS CBN... 4 of her Kdrama were shown here ( Princess Hours, Coffee Prince, My fair Lady and Lie To Me) and all are hit..

Ren The teen actors did a great job. They gave a very touching beginning to the story. However, the psychological profile for adult Lee Soo Yeon does not fit for the character. I love Eun Hye but her character is not syncing with teen lee soo yeon.

Another thing that has been buggung me is that this story have striking resemblance to a manga title Sad Love Story and 2005 korean drama adapted from the manga with the same title.. the backbone story of I Miss You is similar with Sad Love Story.. SPOILERS the main lead for that drama dies.

miss @ lili : she is one of the best actresses in korea and maybe asia !!! her acting is amazing and u know that !! no one cant be better than the way yoon eun hye acts !!!

Lili Very disappointed by the choice of Yoon Eun-Hye as the adult female character. She needs to be sober in her acting to really reflect the psychological profile of her character and to match the teen female actress who is really great.

Sarah Love this drama alot !! Especially the adult episode !! Hwaiting Yoon Eun-Hye , Yoo Seung-Ho and Park Yoo-Chun !!

omo @arjay 11.totally agree with you.the young actor and actress were good and talented.they were doing a great job.yeah.we r crying not because we were sad.it just bcause of the wind :p

arjay11 I knew this show would rate if the main characters grew up.. it's just kind of shameful that people only watch this because of the main characters/actors and not because of it's very insanely sad story. As you can see, it didn't rate during the first few episodes, when the main characters were still young. I've got to say this drama is very good and has over the top dramatic scenes which always make me cry. (or is it just because of the wind?) lol..

Nargis i haven't seen the drama yet, but i will watch it. it looks good....

Bloßem Just like what I thought that this drama rating gonna high after all the actors when they're adult appears..lol, I love them!! So far I still enjoy watching this drama, I hope it'll have a happy ending for all of them :)

omo Done watching ep6.did seo yoon really killed the rapist?oh.14 eps to go.i dun want to expect anything or else i will be disappointed :(.hopefully the writer knows how to please us who watch and hope for a happy ending.lol. To the writer,hs some mercy pls..jaebal!

Elif As i expected the ratings went higher after the adult actors finally took place in the drama. thank god :)

Cheese Another love triangle story.. goodness Korean dramas are becoming stale fast now...

tin Yoo Chun's acting is DAEBAK!!!..

Ondok I love Melodrama & RomCom drama so much.. epecially when Yoon Eun-Hye in it..

november27 i think the rating is higher because they have been grow up..(maybe) kkkk

pao WHY THIS HAS A LOW RATING?? Can't you see the comments?? People love it! Yoochun is great! SO as YEH. So better keep your ratings accurate!

Alondra I love this drama even though I cry every episode C':

sami all actors work great! yeh has a really POWERFUL performance ! the BATHSCENE as so touchy :(((((( i lovw it when yoo seung ho take care of ZOE ! he is a gentle guy :) AND i love it when ZOE did that to raper guy ( i really hate raper he should be died )

angel eunhye ep 6 rating are daebak  :)))))))))))))) ! im happyyyyyyyyyy for cast and crew they worked hard :D

Sol I couldn't miss this drama, with my two favourite actors! They're amazing, i'm sill watching episode 6 and every character is developing so great, this drama has depth and one can feel relate and feel the emotions of the protagonists! I recommend this drama to everyone, the acting is grat, the plot's development is really good, it's drama but with the touch of funny scenes.

ABACUS I think Joe or Joy(Lee Soo Yeon) is the killer behind Michelle Kim.I became sure after how she handled the one who raped her.It's like she's got this little breakdown when she can't control herself.She's like a time bomb.Mysery seems to rupture the more she wants to forget her past.She became a killer although her father isn't a killer.Maybe in the end she may die.I'm sure there's no happy ending with so much misfortune in one drama.Hope Yoon Eun-hye can perform her character more which is really appealing.She must do a good job after child actress Kim So-hyun has done a really wonderful job.

jkm @ omo : im totally agree with you :D ! i really like harry in this drama:) ! yeh and ysh are so sweet together . hope writers dont make HARRY a monster :) i really cant choose between park yuchun and yoo seung ho :)

Choong it os one of the BEST Korean drama i ever watched! So far so good. Non of the episode is boring. Who is the writer of this drama! Damn good. and sad. T T

omo @jkm i think YEH will always hs chemistry with any of her co-star.cnt wait to see her chemistry with PYC :)

omo Just finished watching ep05 and for the first time i dunno whether YEH shud end up with PYC or YSH.both are fine to me.lol.and we are lucky to hv PYC n YSH in the same drama i guess. Whats next??cnt wait for ep06.

jkm i saw ep 5 !!!!!!!!! wow ZOE is so classy !!! yoon eun hye u r great ! and yuchun is so SO SO SO CUTE ! wow ! i love yeh 's dresses ! she looks so cool :D yoo seung ho is hot 2 :) yeh and ysh have a cool chemistry :D I WANT ep 6 plzzzzzzzzzzzz

santino wow nice ..YEH and to all the cast...congrats for a higher rating.go all the way.

santino please advise the rating for epi 5...thnx so much...really love YEH

angel eunhye ratings are getting up !! yeahhhhhhhhhh ! thats yoon eun hye and yuchun power !

wind OMG ! this drama reallyy is DAEBAK ! i cried on every single episode.

mazzz yup..this drama is deabak!! my tears keep run out

MFritz Just saw this drama while browsing online. Been watching korean drama for a while, just hate the ads in Dramafever here in US, Viki is better. I think the rating is still low right now because viewers still not feeling it that much but I am pretty sure eventually as the story continue it will have a high rating, it's a pretty cool drama... simple plot but it will make you wait for the next episode. Hope this one will have a good ending.

meilintza OMG every ep makes me cry!

jaharainij Perfect for closing 2012! DAEBAK!!!!!!!

ad This Drama Is Best Korean 2012 Drama . I Can't Wait For Episode 5 .

michelle le the best drama i've watch in while. I love their childhood.... can not waiting for next ep.... Love it, love it

annnn so sad..........

nani the ratings are 6.6 %

Ayca Definitely this drama deserves a watch. I am from Turkey and ı love this drama soo much , ı think its the best drama in 2012. Everyone must watch this .. And ratings doesn't show its bad !

Davia Be warned this is an exceptionally sick drama where a young girl gets raped and other mentally perverted characters abound torturing each other for really no good reason unless of course one considers money to be one. Throw in a love story to get people hooked and it is a sado/masochistic dream come true.

yumechan i fell in love with Yoo Seung Ho after watching him as Yeo un in Warrior Baek Dong Soo.Cant wait to see him in this drama.

lee min seriously, all episodes so far made me cry, the ratings don't show that!!!!great acting so far...i love the cast.....the only thing i am hoping is that in the end yoochun character (jung woo) doesn't die

khaada Why does this series have such bad viewer ratings, it is such a good series.

Resdy every episode make me CRAZY ! must watch this drama !!!!

angel eunhye i just cant open my eyes becaz during ep 4 i cried soo much :((((( ! even now i cant stop it and im crying ! its so sad but so touchy !

SNSD4EVA OMG it's so sad. I've never cried so much in a drama. How could it only be 17th and 19th It's so sadddd

miseungmiseung This drama is DAEBAK... I watched it till 4th epsode and crying for that 4 episodes

angel eunhye the rape scenes broke my heart that was so sad but i was real ! drama is really diffrent with other dramas ! it so deep ! kim so hyun is a great actress i love her ! when she was raped i felt so sad and the moment that jung woo left her was the worst although i know he left her to bring help !

Wong Arrhyu She is back (Yoon Eun-Hye)! I am so gonna like this because its not just her but the three of my most admired talented actors (Yeo Jin-Ku, Park Yoo-Chun, and Yoo Seung-Ho) is present in this television novel. I have high expectation for this...

yanyan i really hope this drama will have a happy ending... i don't want any of the characters to die it's just too harsh for a good drama to end like that. soo excited for the following episodes :)

omoya Im also happy to see seung ho acting in this drama. Now i hv the opportunity to see jade emperror in modern attire and never thaught that he is just 19?so young yet so talented and cool..he caught my attention in arang and the magistrate..

omoya Oh..oh..what happened to the rating?not rated?huuu..korean people pls..pls b good to my fav actress YEH. I just hope that after the 2nd episode,the rating will be good.. I Miss You fighting!

iubescdramele OK. I am from Romania and this drama is the best one that I saw this year. It's great. I am very happy and pleased that I have the opportunity to watch it. Great job for the team that work to create this masterpiece.

Iyas Imnida Nice drama,,,two thumbs up...

denizkizi sorry i meant high rankings. they will get HIGH rankings :D

denizkizi i guess the drama has low rankings as soon as the main cast or the adult actors appear. i really hope for this drama that it gains high rankings because i already loved it and i really really love park yoochun <3 . All the best for i miss you :)

Marita I have to say I JUST LOVE CAST, as teens and as grown ups too, specially i adore Yoo Seung-Ho cuz hes just 19 or 20 and his acting skills are just incredible, awesome and brilliant, i cant even describe it with any words, and because he played second lead here and he also has kinda "bad guys" role, i did not want to watch it first, but what can i do, its gonna be perfect drama because of those three Park Yoo-Chun, Yoon Eun-Hye Yoo Seung-Ho ( <<but specailly because of him <3 )

mhee I've watched all Yoo Chun's and Yeh's series and movies.. Cant wait to watch them together.. This is food for the soul, haayyyyy.....Anyone who has a good heart, please share a good link on where I can watch this, I am in Phil so cant watch Korea's airtime::(

mhee Love both lead cast.. At last, dream come true for me::)))) Saranghae Yeh&Chunnie...

jk21 love this drama

uye why this drama has low rating

hellohnin pls why is the rate is too low...it's even NR on episode 2 pls pls pls

Lore-an ~I absolutely like this korean drama!~^-^

bhadz oh c'mon i really feel bad because of the ratings why oh why...i think there must be something wrong...please give justice...xoxo i think of all the dramas that yoochun did..this drama will be so promising...

yoochun,,,saranghae...unjaena yoonwonheee

fateme im so exciting,i don,t express my feeling,jun kwang ryul is so cool in this drama

a1989 this drama will be best 2012 korean drama because YOON EUN HYE is main cast .

chaca OMG cant wait for the epsidoe 3!!!!!!!

Jashom A KISS IN LIPS?????? Kim So hyun is just 13 years old. How can she kiss Yeo Jin Goo?????!!! But it's COOL!!! i was screaming all night because of that scene... OMG...

angel eunhye why most of cool dramas have low ratings? that makes me SICK !

lin I'm here only because of Eun Hye but starting to like other actors too.

michele I've been sorting things here and there about this drama.. and it seemed like most actors, and actress in this drama has worked together before, (for example, kim sohyun and yoochun in oktabang and also sohyun and jingoo in moon and sun~) and.. personally, i am here because of yoo seungho.. anyhows, this is going to be show with strong casts =)

bhadz i hate this when a soooooo good drama has only low ratings ...oh c'mon this should be on top..this drama deserve more please korean people please jebalyo support this.. i wish yoochun will not be disappointed because of this.. whatever happens i will always remember this drama...fighting to all staff!!!

angel eunhye just watch first ep !!!!!!! it was great ! child actors are amazing ! kim so hyun made me cry ! i have to say story and cast are perfect thats gonna be a HIT!

Cassie YooChunnie! I'll always root for you! ^^

Tomi Quoting Rex: Damn! Why is Yoon Eun Hye second on the billing?! Change that!

farida Wow daebak!! today is the premier..I love them all..Previously I dont like kim so hyun because her bad character in RTP & The moon that embrace the sun but after watching her in "Ma Boy" Comedy drama, I become like her. You guys should watch it. YEH is my bias and in JYJ I love is Yoo chun. Fighting all..make a great mello drama ^^

L HYUN OMG! I am so excited for this drama! hehe! If the 6 min trailer has me crying already, I cant imagine what the whole I Miss You drama has in store for me! hehe! Young and old cast members are some of my favorites! (:

mia wooow :O yoo seung ho looks the same age as yoochun at those pictures xD i'm gonna watch this because of my little lovely seungho ;3 love eunhye and yoochun <3<3

dokyunko seriously if isn't for chunnie darling there, i won't bothered myself to watch this melodrama.. But... since there's yoochun there, i'll watch it for sure! and besides there's YSH too there, how can I resist them? LOL and I can't wait to watch the premiere next Wednesday! bogoshipda hwaiting! <3

april why does this drama only has 20 episodes? if faith can have 24 why can't i miss you have 25? please consider so we may enjoy watching the team up of PYC and YEH longer. pppplllllleeeeaaaasssseeee!!!

g-jae soooo excited... Eun hye with to young men.... Yoochun And the baby seung ho.... i hope this will have a good ending... pls dont make baby seung ho's character so mean... such a great actor for his age... Good luck ..

Jaejoongie Yoo Seung-Hooooooo :3 his acting is great for a 19 year old and it seems like i'm the one who is happy to see him in new drama xD everyone here is talking about yoochun and eun hye xD i love jyj (but my bias is handsome and talented jaejoong) and i love eunhye (her drama "lie to me" is great) but i'm more happier to see my baby seungho :3

fid looking forward to YEH eventho the paring of her & yoochun is hemm hard to say..coz yoochun will alwyas looks younger & this is kind of a heavy melo..

qteedee it's yucheon..... my biggest bias..... it's yoo eun hye..... my fave actress......

what can I say??? I'm looking forward for this drama...... so so so so so very much.....

rainfairy omg omg omg i love the cast ! i cant wait for it

fateme woah !!! i wish there be a kiss scenes between yoon eun hye and yoo seung ho ! both of them are cool kissers :***

pazpranz They have a good casting.... I am looking forward this new project of Park Yoochun... Show to us you really deserve this project. Good Luck!!!

zelnrix Can't wait for our favorite and the best among all actresses YOON EUN HYE... we've waited for soooo long but its worth the wait..good luck on your new drama... you've been great in all of your past performances... fighting!!!!.. love love love.. saranghae :)))

alina meraldi The Trailer really made me goosebumps !! Can't wait for the series. Wish this melodrama could make all witness cry loudly .. Fighting for all crew and actors/actress....

cuteHCC I've been waiting for Chunie oppa's comeback after Rooftop Prince, I'd love it more if the female lead was Son Yi Jin, oh well, but as long as you're in the drama I would surely watch it. Always supporting you Chunie ^^

Elham aleha I can't wait this drama <3

luominying OMG!!! I bet i'm gonna ♥♥♥ this show... 1. I'm a fan of Yeo Jin Gu 2. I feel mutual for Kim So-Hyun 3. YEHHHHH 4. Yoochun :')

Ppl shouldn't hate Kim So Hyun.. It's not her fault that in Rooftop Prince AND The moon that Embraces the Sun she acts as the evil chick... But as u can see, she plays a good char now :D

♥ ~-* Hope it's great~

Bhebz Wew!! So excited to watch this drama..

a1989 I Love Yoon Eun Hye . This Drama Will Be Best 2012 Korean Drama . YOON EUN HYE FIGHTING...

brenda im so delighted after i saw the teaser... cant wait to watch for it. also the younger portrayal of main characters makes this drama so anticipating as both teen actors are so good in their acting skills it reminds me of how they acted well in TMTETS..but of course our lead actors who are so great and popular when it comes to k drama - micky yoochun & yoon eun-hye i so miss you both :)) fighting!

Oh Yumi im excited ..with this..new character for YEH!!!! ajah..eorobon :)

omo Yeay!!YEH is back.im soo excited and cant wait for this drama.eventhough im a bit worried since its a melodrama and yeah.i hate melodrama.but still will wasttching it since YEH in it.hopefully the script,the rating is good.good luck YEH and PYC..hwaiting!!!

rex Damn! Why is Yoon Eun Hyen second on the billing?! Change that!

someone UGH I hated that child actress in the moon that embraces the sun she shouldn't love him,why did they have to put those two together!!ToT

fateme yoon eun hye !!! thank you for your comeback ! we love you

Blossom WoW?!YEH playing this new drama?can't wait to see her new drama, smells this drama more mellow romantic genre than romantic comedy that YeH usually played. Gonna watch this drama!! *can't wait*

nana24 really curious with thos drama.... cant waitt.... waaa.... i am really exited .... i hope this drama turn out well and get a good reaponses..... 보고십다 ㅡ i miss you . HWAITIIINGGGG.... hajahaja.... \°/ \°/ \°/ \°/

Lee I'm really curious to see Yoochun and Eun Hye together, i keep thinking they might not have chemistry but then i know that the casting director wouldn't have offered them the parts if they thought not. Love them both though! Please, please let it be a good drama!!! #holdingthumbs!


I Love watching Arang and curious of the ending and Love it more to be replaced by this drama

reii i can't wait this drama! i love both the leads !! can't wait!! :3

atet can't wait to watch this drama...i like both the leads and i hope the story line will be amazing too.....

santino yay so excited can't wait for this love you YEH

pepay can't wait to watch this (^____^)

mhay so excited for this....!! Daebak!

zheeeeeeee cant wait for this dramaaa! i hope it'll be nice >w< love you yoochun oppa~~!

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